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Latest news - COVID-19 Update

This email is probably overdue but there has been a range of views expressed from members from “sandbagging their front door” to “carry on as usual” and every compromise in between, and ways of keeping some activity going have been discussed. It is now clear that all our regular activities are impossible.

The instruction from VMCC head office has indicated that all our meetings, wanderings and runs should cease. They would investigate how their big events might be run on an individual basis although this now looks highly unlikely compared to when that email arrived just a few days back. The rugby club had cancelled Thursday opening and now we have just heard that the club is now closed completely. They will review this regularly but it would be extremely hopeful to think things will improve in the foreseeable future.
Regarding runs the closure of cafes and restaurants has made them just about impossible, and therefore I would ask that all organisers hold on to their plans for future use and consider them postponed till next year or maybe much later this year.
Peter and Keith are considering their options for the White Horse Trial and potential participants will be kept up to date separately.
Regrettably I think it is clear to all that effectively all VMCC traditional activities as currently scheduled in the calendar must be considered cancelled until further notice. There has been discussion by some that some spontaneous ride outs may be possible on fine days taking flasks of tea/coffee and sandwiches, although other facilities may be more problematical. Such a rideout could only take place as small numbers of friends and would be completely disconnected from VMCC. Such rideouts could be co-ordinated in a similar way to the rideout mobile phone proposed a couple of years back, and could take place at any time. If anyone is interested then email me to indicate any interest and maybe something could happen.
Initially this would be organized by email to me and then circulated to those who have expressed an interest for a response, something more sophisticated could develop if sufficient interest. Other than that please ensure that our non-email members and friends are kept informed, and if anyone should find themselves without support then I’m sure that other members would be willing to help, if you need assistance email or phone me (01249 657310).
Safe (if slightly reduced) riding, stay healthy and best regards from
Jeff Falkner
Secretary, Vintage Motor Cycle Club, West Wilts Section

These are the results of the 2018 white Horse Trial. Congratulations to everyone who took part. WHT 2018 Results

The Results of the sporting trial on 24th June 2018 are available for download here Trial 24 June 18 Results

Thanks to all the entrants - hope you had a good day.

2019 May Sporting Trial Results

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