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Notes regarding VMCC West Wilts Section Meeting, The Bell, Yatton Keynell, 23rd June 2022

It seems a little while since I’ve written one of these missives what with the club holiday into darkest jungles of mid Wales and other stuff. About 5 people attended the meeting on the return from holiday meeting night so not a lot was said and no decisions made then, although there was much to report regarding an Indian. Is Chris going to Bonneville next year? Slightly more discussed last night with about a dozen attending although the unpredictable weather reduced the number on 2 wheels.

Big thanks were given to Peter for his efforts in organizing the holiday again this year, nothing but praise from all quarters on all aspects.

Quite a few made it to the Frocester Wandering so a good time was had by all. Colin did get a stress inducing phone call later demanding payment for meals and drinks over £50 which it transpired was an error by the pub, although apparently they didn’t phone him back after it was all sorted. It is a fact that the pubs we visit are highly variable in their ability to cope with the large numbers, sometimes over 30 people, so please ensure that you pay for your meal with your drinks and get a receipt, it could help later. Thanks to Colin for arranging and then sorting the flak later.

A couple of significant recent events that I omitted from the agenda last night:

The wandering to Colerne last month was greatly enhanced by Jim organising a short run ending up at his abode to view his various machines with refreshments. I know from comments that this was greatly appreciated, so a big thank you for your hospitality Jim.

The Biker Down talk was well attended with several visitors from outside the club and made a big impact on all who attended, very much worthwhile. I strongly suggest that all who missed it seek it out with your local fire brigade.

Kevin got a 4 page spread in the latest VMCC magazine regarding the restoration of his award winning Yamaha, which I hadn’t seen as it was languishing in its envelope, needless to say I read it when I got home, I even ggt a namecheck!

Derek and Martin and bikes are joining the Head Office crew at the Adventure Bike Event this weekend at Ragley Hall, you could probably go on impulse or might be able to share the ticket with Derek for the 2nd day if you contact him?

Brian’s run on Sunday is going ahead as planned starting from Morrison’s car park 9.30 for 10.00am off. So fuel up!

The fifth Thursday coffee/breakfast/brunch morning will be at AV8 Kemble (GL7 6BA). Bristol VMCC will also be there, so there should be plenty of vehicles and old friends to see. For those that are interested Colin will be organising a ride from there to a suitable pub for lunch and has already sent out an email asking for numbers for this optional lunch ride by 28th. Or you could just stay at AV8 all day!

Reg will be organising his run from the Red Lion car park in Lacock on 7th July.

Calendar for 2022








26 June


10.00 am

Sunday run

Morrison’s Car Park Chippenham

Brian Newbury



10.00 am ish

5th Thursday Coffee Morning

AV8 Kemble (GL7 6BA), with optional wandering for lunch

Colin Smith




10 am

Mid-Week Run

The Red Lion, 1 High St, Lacock, Chippenham SN15 2LQ

Reg Cox

12-July tbc

Tuesday tbc


Green lane run, please contact Keith


Keith Johnston



7.30 pm

Section Meeting**

The Bell, High Street, Yatton Keynell, Chippenham SN14 7BG

16-17 July


Festival of 1000 bikes

Mallory Park Circuit

Allen House



12 noon


The Fox and Goose, Blandford Rd, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury SP5 4LE

Colin Smith

24 July


10.00 am

Sunday run

Morrison’s Car Park Chippenham

Brian Newbury



7.30 pm

Section Meeting

The Bell, High Street, Yatton Keynell, Chippenham SN14 7BG



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Thanks to all the entrants - hope you had a good day.

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